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Our Services

Prosper Meath is highly committed to the people who avail of our services.  This commitment is set out in our core purpose, values and operational principles.  We bring our purpose, values and principles alive through taking a person-centred approach when working with the people we support.

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Our Services

Prosper Meath is highly committed to the people who avail of our services.  This commitment is set out in our core purpose, core values and core operational principles.  We bring our core purpose, core values and core principles alive through taking a person-centred approach when working with the people we support.


Core Purpose, Values, Operational Principles

The following sets out Prosper Meaths core purpose, values and operational principles:

Core Purpose

To support each individual to live the life they choose, in the same way and same places as everybody else.

Core Values

• Treat each person as an individual
• Respect each person’s adulthood and rights as an adult
• Listen to what people have to say
• Encourage people to make their own decisions and choices
• Support people to be part of their local community
• Support people to develop their skills, talents and interests

Core Operational Principles

• Being person-centred in what we do
• Enabling active citizenship
• Involving families and carers
• Having the right staff
• Providing quality services
Person Centred Services

Person Centred Services

A person-centred service is one that is designed and provided around what is important to each person from his or her perspective.  Each individual is actively involved in planning their own services and supports so that they can make positive changes to their quality of life in accordance with their ability. The focus is on the individual as a person; it is about citizenship, inclusion, community life and self-determination.  Taking a person-centred approach is one of the basic principles of the National Health Strategy, and national disability policy New Directions and Transforming Lives.

Responsive Services

Responsive Services

A responsive service is one that can successfully anticipate or identify and understand the desires and support needs of an individual, and then take positive action to meet those needs and desires.  By getting to know each person who avails of our services well, and by using resources effectively and efficiently, whether that be time, staff expertise, equipment or environment, Prosper can be more responsive.

Personal Planning

Personal Planning

Personal Planning is a way of finding out how a person wants to live their life and what is required to make that happen. It involves planning for the person's whole life, not just what happens when they are in Prosper. In Prosper we help each individual to develop their own Personal Plan. The Personal Plan is a record of the things the person has done in the past, their life at the moment and their dreams for the future.  The Personal Plan sets out how to meet the person’s assessed needs through the provision of practical and essential services and supports.  As people get older or their circumstances or wishes change, their Personal Plan will change.

We use the Personal Plan to pursue goals that are important to, and important for, the person to have a good quality of life.  For the Personal Plan to be a success we work with the individual, their advocates, family members and other partners / agencies to try and meet people’s goals, and have the right supports in place, so that each person receives a person-centred and responsive service.

Key Working

Key Working

An important strategy we have in place to make sure people receive person-centred and responsive services is key working. When a person comes to Prosper Meath a staff member is appointed to work closely with them.  This person is called a key worker.  The Key Worker will help the person to settle in and then work with the person to develop their Personal Plan.  The key worker is the first point of contact for the person and their advocate.  The key worker will:

• Get to know the person very well
• Support the person to build relationships
• Help the person speak up for themselves or speak up on their behalf
• Help the person work towards achieving the goals they set out in their Personal Plan
• Liaise with families and other partners or support the person to do so
Applying for a Service

Applying for a Service

An individual with a moderate level of intellectual disability, or another person on their behalf, can apply to Prosper Meath for a service.  To apply for a service, contact the Admissions Co-ordinator by telephone or letter:

Admissions Co-ordinator

Address: Prosper Meath, 43 Canon Row, Navan, Co. Meath, C15 AC03

Tel: 046 9074404

Prosper Meath has Admission Criteria which must be met before the individual can be considered for a service.  If the Admissions Co-ordinator thinks the individual may meet the criteria, the individual / their advocate will be asked to complete a Prosper Meath Application Form.  The Admissions Co-ordinator will need to see the individual’s current clinical and school reports and may meet with the individual and their family.

All applications and reports received will be examined by the Prosper Admissions, Transfers and Exits Committee.  They will advise the Admissions Co-ordinator on whether it looks like Prosper Meath could offer the individual an appropriate service.  If we think we can offer the individual a service there are other steps to follow.  These are set out in the Application to Prosper Meath Leaflet.  More detail is available in the Prosper Policy on Admission, Transfer and Exit.


• All the entry criteria can be met in full
• We can respond to the individual’s needs and support the person correctly and safely
The HSE has approved the offer of service to the individual and has provided adequate funding to Prosper Meath for the individual’s service